Apr 1, 2020

Protect yourself from COVID-19.

According to the warning issued by the World Health Organization, [New Coronavirus Pneumonia Pandemic]. We at WACLASS also stood with all the passengers to prevent epidemics. In order to improve the safety and quality of service for all residents, we will implement security and safety rules in each building to protect the rights of all passengers.

WACLASS Relief Equipment

1. Self-check-in system is adopted to avoid contact between passengers and employees and reduce the chance of cross infection.
2. Wi-Fi is available in the entire room, allowing you to communicate smoothly.
3. Independent air-conditioning in the whole room to avoid virus transmission through the central air-conditioning.
4. The rooms are all wooden floors, which is different from carpets that are susceptible to bacteria, and it is easier to remove bacteria.
5. The whole room is equipped with a balcony, which is well ventilated.
6. There is a small kitchen in the room for cooking delicious dishes.
7. There is a sterilization solution in the room, so that you can rest assured that sterilization is anytime, anywhere.
8. Lend a thermometer free of charge, allowing passengers to keep track of their health at any time.

In addition, we also provide the following services to make it easy for you to stay.
1. 10% off for stays of 14 consecutive days or more.
2. Taxi assistance.
3. Post a notice to avoid using the elevator at the same time.
4. The scavengers regularly disinfect the common place.
5. A delivery menu is provided in the room so that you can enjoy the food easily.
6. Passengers who are unwell will provide assistance by contacting the medical institution.

The above are the security and safety rules of WACLASS. Let's wash our hands frequently and exercise more to improve our immunity. Please wear a mask when going out, and avoid going to crowded places to reduce the chance of infection. Protect yourself and the people around you, let's cheer for the epidemic!



Self System採用のため、Guest様とStaffの交互感染の心配はありません。
②    全室Wi-Fi完備 Wi-Fiが標準完備のため、通信に支障はありません。
③    全室独立空調 室内独立空調のため、セントラル空調による空気感染の心配はありません。
④    全室換気 ベランダ付個室かつ換気システム対応のため、良好な通風環境をご提供しています。
⑤    全室フローリング フローリング床のため、絨毯床と違い除菌が容易です。
⑥    全室調理器具完備 厨房が標準装備のため、ご自身で購入された食材を室内で調理できます。
⑦    全室「次亜塩素除菌水」を設置 お子様にも安全な「次亜塩素除菌水」を室内に常備しています。
⑧    全室体温計無料貸出 Guest様が安心してお過ごし頂けるよう体温計を無料で貸し出しています。     



②    タクシー手配をサポートします。
③    共用エレベーターの同時利用を避ける告知をします。
④    管理staffが定期的に共用施設の除菌をします。
⑤    室内に宅配用食事メニューを設置します。
⑥    体調の優れないGuest様の医療機関への連絡先をご案内します。

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